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Welcome to the Chesterfield Inn! Once it was a small tavern on an old Indian trail. It was a Colonial meeting place to herald the news. It's been a stagecoach stop, a brothel, and a motorcycle haven. Some say previous owners and customers long gone still linger, some even claim to see them. But for now, the Chesterfield Inn is a restaurant and tavern you won't want to miss!


Built in 1710, the Inn assumed its present size and appearance as some of the many Innkeepers have added to accommodate the growing town. The goal is to preserve the historic feeling of this beautiful old building, but still give customers all of the modern amenities they require.


The same attention has been carried forward into the preparation of your meal. Using local farm-fresh ingredients whenever possible, the Chesterfield Inn takes the time and care to create from scratch a variety of dishes with something for everyone. Don't miss the Tastes of the Season menus - a selection of seasonal favorites old and new. Daily specials run the gamut from Sausage Strudel to Tequila-Lime Chicken & Shrimp. Whenever you go, you will certainly taste the difference a personal touch makes. And, whether you choose to sit in the dining room or the bar, you'll enjoy the same casual atmosphere and friendly service.

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